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I know I said this two days ago for Danny Phantom, but now I'm saying it for us. Because today is the anniversary of when we started this LiveJournal! Tadah!! It's also Goku's birthday, which is how I remembered. And Haley Joel Osment's birthday is in five days. There are a lot of dates I remember based on their relation to Goku's birthday.

A year in LiveJournal, huh... Wow, it's weird to think that it's been a whole year. If I'd thought to check our details sooner, I could have made this entry at the same time I made the first entry one year ago, but alas. I could wait forty-five minutes, but by then I'll probably be working on something else. Apparently we have 527 posts, and we've posted 461 comments and received 670. Wow, that's like one and a half posts a day.

Time has gone by pretty quickly. And yet also very slowly. Things were especially weird a couple of weeks ago when we were really running out of money. Time was moving too quickly and too slowly at the same time; it was bizarre.

I wish I had something deep and meaningful to say for our anniversary, but I got nothing. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for one year of LJ, Goku's birthday, anime that doesn't involve techno-babble, anniversaries, and anniversary cookies.
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