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This morning we attended a baptism via Zoom for the first time. That was kind of an interesting experience, but also pretty much exactly like you'd expect it to be. It's just like going to a baptism, only you're watching it on a screen instead of from a chair in the room where it's happening.

The girls getting baptized were a pair of twins from our Primary who just turned eight, and originally their mom had asked us to do the music like we usually do, but because of covid restrictions, she had to uninvite us. The wife of the guy who would be working the camera also plays the piano, so in order to limit the number of different households attending, they had to ask her to do the music instead. We were pretty bummed out about it, but the girls' mom seemed to feel pretty bad about it, so we can't hold it against her. It's just the rona striking again.

Anyway, the baptizees love to sing, so they did the special musical number, and it was just one of the cutest things you've ever seen. They sang "I Will Walk With Jesus," and it made me cry, it was so sweet.

And then we had our usual busy Saturday...which I admit was mostly busy because we had so many video game "obligations." We had to go meet our new neighbor in Animal Crossing! He's Sly the crocodile (or alligator?), and he moved to our island from Gilderoy's island! ...Of course, that probably means that Gilderoy and Rosetta, who are very particular about their neighbors, kicked him off of the island and won't be too happy to see him again, but personally I think a crocodile with camo markings is pretty awesome. My one complaint is that his personality is the same as Iggly's, which isn't to say I don't like it, but I feel like variety is better. Still, I don't want to reject him!

We only got to play a little bit of Kingdom Hearts, but we made the most of it! We played through the Chain of Memory levels and then tried out co-op mode! It's a lot of fun, but I get the feeling there are a lot fewer song options... Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to attend the baptism via Zoom, getting to meet our new neighbor, getting to play more Melody of Memory, not doing too terribly in the Pokemon tournament (although sadly three of our matches were called due to internet failure DX), our friends inviting us to join them for the sacrament tomorrow, and vague plans to do things with making our own music.
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