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Oh my goodness, today was jam-packed! We decided to make work a half-day, because with a new Kingdom Hearts game, we knew we were going to be obsessed, and we were right. We also sort of took the day off from regular work, in favor of doing some homework by way of light novel reading. We'd never read light novels in English before, and...well, mostly I just want to say to anyone translating, adapting, or editing light novels, if the narration says that someone struck a formal tone, maybe you should avoid using contractions in that particular bit of dialogue. I mean, the regular stuff like "can't," "I'm," "we'll," etc. is probably okay, but things like "there'll" really are not formal at all. Maybe it was a deliberate choice to say that that's the most formal that person could get, and it was presented ironically? I don't know. It wasn't clear.

Before we could get to Kingdom Hearts, we had to collect all the star fragments from when we visited lyschan's island's meteor shower, so off we went to play Animal Crossing! We discovered that the lot where Pinkie's house was has been sold, and we should be getting a new neighbor tomorrow! Woohoo! ...Tomorrow is also busy and full of Kingdom Hearts, so I'm not sure how that will go. But I'm excited anyway.

And while we were playing Animal Crossing, our Switch informed us that Grawp was playing Pokemon! What! We'd been waiting for like years for this! (I mean, probably a couple of weeks? I don't know.) But we were still collecting star fragments! So we hurried to get them all, then he'd stopped playing. Darn it! But we really need him to help us complete our expansion Pokedexes, so we texted his mom to ask if he was interested in playing with us. Not only did he have an IRL friend visiting, but they had plans very shortly to go get a dog. Like a real life dog. We didn't stand a chance. But at least there's a new dog in the family. I hope it's cute.

So then we were like, "Fine, we don't need Pokemon anyway!" and we finally turned on the game we've waited all our lives for, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. And it's just as much the best as we hoped it would be. I mean...we haven't gotten to the Kingdom Hearts III music yet... Guys, we don't like most of the Kingdom Hearts III music. I don't know what it is about it. I feel like someone in charge said, "You have to make it more like this other thing!" so they did and now it doesn't feel like Kingdom Hearts. But I do really like all the fancy boss music in the Keyblade Graveyard, so I'm looking forward to that.

And in the meantime, we're really enjoying playing through all the earlier Kingdom Hearts musics. There are so many things to unlock! There's also a free-for-all battle mode that you can play with up to eight different people using local play, if you have that many friends. That sounds like something that could be really awesome. I wonder if any of our family members would be interested in this game...

Anyway, it feels like all the pre-KH3 games, so we're really liking it. Well, that, and it's a rhythm game, and those are just fun. It turns out it's not a huge deal that we don't get the Japanese voices, because most of the movies are just Kairi narrating very brief summaries of the games. It would be nice to have Miyu Irino as Sora, though. If we were feeling really rich, we might get another copy in Japanese for the heck of it.

So now that we want to spend all our free time unlocking everything there is to unlock in Melody of Memory, Crunchyroll has decided to release anime in multi-language dubs. Of course this means we have to look into the French voice casts. But where will we find the time!? And when will we write new translation blog posts!? ...Oh boy. I'm sure we'll figure it out...I think.

Oh! Athena's also still competing in the Pokemon Crown Tundra Tourney. She did pretty good today!

Today I'm thankful for getting a bunch more star fragments in Animal Crossing, having a new neighbor to look forward to, Kingdom Hearts rhythm game!, doing pretty good in the Pokemon tournament, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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