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A different sort of busyness

It's a big weekend for us and video games, and it's not even technically the weekend yet! There's a Pokemon tournament going on, and lyschan had a meteor shower on her island and invited us over (thank you!), and tomorrow the Kingdom Hearts rhythm game comes out! ...It's already out in Japan, but we got carried away with Switch magic and ordered the English release. We'll see how that goes! We think it will be okay...

We also had the sister missionaries over for a couple of hours! I don't know if any of us was planning for them to stay that long, but they got us talking about Disney...or maybe we got us talking about Disney... Anyway, we got started on one of our soapboxes, so we talked for a long time, and apparently the sisters think we're entertaining, so they don't stop us. And then our tangents get really long. So this time, we were like, "And we found out we have to watch Once Upon a Time!" and then we had to go on about our feelings on Once Upon a Time with a few tangents about certain specifics, and about Disney princess toxicity levels, and then we finally got back to, "But then we found out our favorite French voice actor dubbed Peter Pan." It was fun.

We talked about women and the priesthood, too. I feel like I have a lot of things to say about that topic, but they're so jumbled that I need the other person to ask questions so I can focus on one thing long enough to talk about it coherently. I think my main thought on it tonight is that people tend to think of everything as a kind of hierarchy, when it's not really. Also, we tend to be of the opinion that men get the priesthood because with the added responsibility they're forced a little bit more to actually do stuff. It's just been our experience that women tend to be more self-motivated. Like, there are all these explainer comics about emotional labor, and how it's usually the woman who ends up doing everything. Giving men the priesthood and saying, "Now that you have the priesthood, you have to do this," will hopefully motivate them to do stuff more, so women don't end up doing everything. I mean, it's silly to say that all men or all women are going to act one way or the other, but in general, men seem to be inclined one way while women seem to be inclined the other, in this case.

As for the Pokemon tournament! Athena won some battles! Woohoo! Having a Clefable with Magic Guard is pretty awesome. But we're still learning, and there was a fair amount of defeat. There was one dude--he totally destroyed Athena's whole team with nothing but a Polteageist. It was the most incredible thing; we couldn't even be upset about the loss. He dressed up in a suit and had nice hair, too, so we're sure it must have been an authentic Polteageist, and not a cheap counterfeit.

Today I'm thankful for lys inviting us over to share in her meteor shower, having a very lovely time chatting with the sister missionaries, having a fun time in the Pokemon tournament, finishing our work quota early today, and having a Clefable with Magic Guard.
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