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The cravings...

When we were watching The Repair Shop yesterday, we noticed that as an episode started, a little notice came across the screen to warn us that this season would only be available until December 1. We weren't too worried about that, because we usually watch the episodes three or so at a time, so we were fairly confident we'd get through all of them before they went away, and in fact, we were going to check to see how many episodes were left when we finished yesterday's viewing, but it turns out the last one we watched was also the last one available.

More importantly, now that we know Netflix will warn us that a show is going away, it made us want to check Miraculous. We've been holding off on watching Miraculous because we had a bit of a hard time watching all of the second half of season three eight times, and we had to do that because we'd seen the rest of the series eight times, and we wanted to even out the viewing numbers. (Not that we didn't like those episodes (except for The Pain), just that they made us want to watch other episodes, too.) Then we watched the whole series twice, so we've seen every episode at least ten times. But if we start watching it from the beginning again, then when new episodes come along again, we'll have to watch them eleven times (or more!) to even out the numbers again, so we have been abstaining from Miraculous for...what? four months now? Dang, that makes me sad.

Anyway. The point is, we're dying for more Miraculous, and we have no idea when we'll get to watch more (with the French audio, as it should be watched). And we also know that supposedly the series will be leaving Netflix and moving to Disney+YourSoul at some point in the entirely unspecified future. This, too, is killing us. But there was hope! Maybe if we watched an episode of Miraculous, it would tell us the series would be going away, and...we still would have no idea how much time would have to go by before Disney+ could start showing it, but it would at least be sooner, right? Well, it doesn't matter, because we watched an episode, and we got no such warning. It was a bittersweet experience.

I kind of feel like that's how all the Miraculous news has been for the last several months. "There's gonna be something! At some point! Someday!" But no specifics. (<--not entirely true; we specifically got a date for the New York special...on the Disney Channel, English dub only) And that's okay, I think, because I know what it's like to be working my tail off to get something done so the public can enjoy it, and I don't want to rush the creators. But I just don't know how to get my fix, man. We might end up having to the show an eleventh time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Felix again, at least being warned about The Repair Shop going away (I do hope that means they'll have another season instead--apparently there are six of them), also getting to watch an episode of Sirius the Jaeger, catching a few shooting stars in Animal Crossing, and getting a ride to Target.
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