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The problem with being obsessed with Kingdom Hearts is that I'm annoyed when I have to take time away from it in order to do a LiveJournal entry. Well, duh, the solution to that is to not do a LiveJournal entry. But that's just silly.

And now that I've reminded myself, I have to talk about our awesome psychic powers. Yesterday, we were wondering who played this one KH character in Japan, and we figured, based on his attitude, his American voice, and the fact that Kenichi Suzumura is in Final Fantasy X-2 and Advent Children, he was probably Suzumura-san. So we looked up the character at IMDb, and lo and behold, we were right! Tadah!! Assuming of course that IMDb has the right information.

And then at FHE, Athena was suddenly like, "I just really hope the refreshments aren't rootbeer floats." There was some logic behind it, but the only thing anyone had said about refreshments was, "You don't want to miss them because they're really good." So we sneak away into the kitchen to check, and there in the refrigerator is a bunch of rootbeer. Tadah!!!

Today I'm thankful for Honey Smacks cereal, accountants, Karin, the option on IMDb to look people up by character, and rootbeer floats.
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