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Birthday surprises

We were expecting a call from someone in our family today because the nephews and nieces were going to be getting together for Rosetta's birthday party, which means A)the boys would be playing Pokemon and we're not sure if Grandma would have counted Wednesday's adventures as having done her part to tell them to call us about Pokemon, and B)we went on a veritable quest to make sure Rosetta could get some Glitter Force toys for her birthday and we expected a report.

Well. Turns out the party had to be canceled due to a complex mixture of extremely stressful things going on, not the least of which being that the girl's father had been exposed to someone who tested positive for the 'rona and had to be in quarantine. So instead, we called Celeste in case she needed someone to talk to. Turns out she was doing much better now that some of the stressful issues had been resolved. Then Gilderoy found out we were on the phone and somehow the subject of Animal Crossing came up...oh right, I told him we were taking down our Halloween decorations, because that's what we were doing while we talked on the phone.

That reminded him that Animal Crossing exists, so he immediately turned it on and started decorating his own space for Christmas. But he was so busy playing Pokemon during October that he didn't seem to get the memo that Animal Crossing will provide holiday-themed decorations, so he made all his own. He designed a Christmas hat for himself, and planted a cedar tree outside his house, and even put two gifts under it for us to unwrap. It was very cute...except for the fact that he got so wrapped up in it that he stopped talking on the phone, but didn't hang up--he just let it run out of battery and called back when he was ready for us to visit. By then we had moved on to other things, but of course we wanted to see what he'd done so we shifted gears back to Animal Crossing. He came over to our island after that and was very jealous of what Halloween decorations we still had up, so we made him a spooky lantern and a spooky carriage. If he'd wanted a spooky rug, I think Athena has about eight of them...

Meanwhile, because the birthday party had been canceled, Grandma (aka Mom) had taken it upon herself to deliver the imported Glitter Force gift, which was a set of mascot keychains--the whole Glitter Force team! ...And Mom being Mom, she decided the best way to deliver the keychains was one at a time throughout the day, in a kind of drive-by gift bombing? There was mention of throwing things out car windows. We didn't get all the details. I seem to remember something about Rosetta screaming whenever it happened, but the way Celeste told it, we think the screams were happy ones. By the time we called, Rosetta had received Glitter Breeze, Glitter Spring, and Glitter Lucky. At one point during the phone call, we did get to talk to Rosetta, and we asked her if she liked the toys. She said, "No. I don't like them. I LOVE them!"

Then later during the phone call, she came along to ask, "When is Glitter Sunny coming?" We were unable to answer the question. Fortunately she did not persist. I mean, if it were us, we would have given them to her all at once, but I do see the appeal of Mom's method...I think... Anyway, I don't know if she's received the rest of the team yet.

Today I'm thankful for getting to distance-hang-out with Celeste and her kids, Rosetta liking her birthday present, having our party all chosen out for the Crown Tundra Tourney, Gilderoy being such a charming host, and the cute little bundt cakes they were selling at the grocery store.
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