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Video game woes

Grawp finally called us today! ...I'm not sure what it says about us that we're sitting around waiting for our nine-year-old nephew to call us to play video games. But we're actually not. We're playing video games anyway, and it's a nice bonus if he does call. When we had been playing together, we had some plans set up to trade Pokemon and stuff, and it's a bigger bummer when he doesn't call if we have Pokemons we're expecting to trade and we end up waiting and waiting and waiting on the kid before we can fill up our Pokedex. So after a certain amount of time, we just go to Pokemon Home instead.

But we still have a few things we wanted to make sure to coordinate with him for his benefit, so we've been hoping for him to call. And today he finally did! ...To play Animal Crossing. Well, okay. It helped us a little, because he was able to tell us that Isabelle was supposed to have given us a mushroom DIY recipe. We're guessing we didn't get it because we were experimenting at 4am on the 2nd, and we hadn't played on the 1st, so I think we messed up Isabelle's reporting for that little detail.

Anyway, we chatted about island decorating, and Grawp told us about the new critters he'd caught, and he had one we didn't have, so he was all, "Bad luck finding it!" and we were like, "What!?" and he said he wanted to fill up his Critterpedia before us. And we'd be happy to let him do that, but the critters are seasonal, so...I don't know. We'll probably just not talk about it.

But we still need to get him back to Pokemon so we can get those two legendary giants...

Today I'm thankful for getting to chat with our nephew, finally figuring out what's up with the mushrooms, starting a fruit-themed apparel trend on our island, finishing our work quota today (it was looking iffy for a while, but we did it!), and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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