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We're helping!

Tonight we helped out with a pre-recorded worship service for the Spanish-speaking group in our ward. I want to say it was nice, but I don't really know enough Spanish to say. All my nights on Duolingo, for nothing... (I think it's just that I haven't learned the vocabulary they were talking about. Weirdly enough, "church" is not one of the main lesson categories in Duolingo.)

I can say that, since we were there about half an hour or so before we started recording, I had lots of time to just play around on the organ, and instead of doing something productive like practice on the foot pedals, I decided to play all the Christmas hymns, but everybody really liked that, so I think I made the right choice.

It did have a nice spirit to it, even if I couldn't understand most of the words. (And to be honest, I probably could have understood more of them if I hadn't let my mind wander so far.) I'm really glad Athena and I have talents we can use to help with our worship services during these unprecedented times.

Today I'm thankful for getting to help with the recording, getting to visit with the small group of people who were there, having time to watch an episode of Sirius the Jaeger without staying up too too late, catching a tarantula in Animal Crossing, and the delicious ice cream we had for a snack.
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