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More Pokemon adventures

Mom remembered to tell the nephews to call us about Pokemon, but things did not go at all the way we expected. I mean, first of all, we didn't expect to hear from them until Saturday at the soonest (although we did hope Grawp would call). The call was actually from Gilderoy, via his grandmother (aka Mom), and he was ready and happy to trade us any Pokemon we might ever possibly need! ...Except he has Pokemon Shield just like we do, so he can't get us any Sword exclusives, and we already have a thing going on with Grawp for the last of the legendary giants. We were at quite the loss as to what to request.

Eventually all parties involved got onto the same page in regard to Calyrex's buddy (as Gilderoy called him) and the fact that it comes in two different types, so we traded our Glastrier for his Spectrier, and wow, Spectrier is so pretty! I kinda wish the graveyard had been farther away than the icy slope, because then the nephews would have gotten Glastrier and we would have gotten Spectrier. But we like Glastrier, too. We traded them both back because none of us wanted to give up our own legendary Pokemon.

We also did a Dynamax Adventure together, and it was just a little weird. As far as we know, Grawp doesn't do multi-player Pokemon with anyone but us, so in all our experience so far, we've been able to set the pace. But I guess Gilderoy is used to playing with his other aunt on his dad's side, and they have a different way of doing things, or Gilderoy just has his own way of doing things. At any rate, it was a reminder that people do things differently sometimes, and you have to be flexible and keep an open mind. Nevertheless, the experience was much more draining than I generally expect from Pokemon.

Anyway, the most exciting Pokemon development (for us) was later tonight, when we caught a shiny Dratini! We were going over our Crown Tundra Pokedex and trying to guess what Pokemon were still out there to be caught, and Athena noticed a three-Pokemon gap in the list. We remembered seeing a Dragonite in some promotional material for the Crown Tundra, so we used some deductive reasoning to figure out where we might catch a Dratini. We were on our way to a place where we thought we could fish for one when I noticed something swimming in the water. I asked what it was, Athena turned around to check it out, and there was a Dratini! So she engaged in battle, and I was like, "I don't think that's the normal Dratini color..." and then it started sparkling! Our very first Dratini (in this game), and it's a shiny one!

Today I'm thankful for getting to trade Calyrex buddies, getting to go on a Dynamax Adventure with Gilderoy, managing to finish all our work today, getting to listen to more Percy Jackson, and catching a shiny Dratini!
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