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I noticed that our post yesterday was called "We voted!" and I was like, "That couldn't have been yesterday, because we wouldn't have voted on Sunday, so it must have happened on Saturday. Did I forget to post yesterday?" No, today is Tuesday, you voted yesterday, which was Monday. And oh yeah, I guess there's an election going on today. not sure how I feel about that.

As for us, we mostly didn't think about it (as is probably evidenced by my last paragraph). We worked on In/Spectre, which turned out to be on the ever so slightly easy side for In/Spectre, so that was nice. was still raining on our island, but C.J. showed up, so we caught some new fish! A football fish! And a bitterling. I really wonder what the Japanese comments are on all the critters, because in many cases, there's at least a 100% chance it didn't match. I really like what they came up with, but I'm worried that if I'd played the Japanese version first, I'd be like, "How dare they!" ...I think I'm getting better about that kind of thing.

And we got our hopes up about our nephew calling. Our sister texted because a younger nephew needed some help with Pokemon, and that was handled relatively quickly, so we said, "By the way, did Grawp ever catch that fourth giant?" No, because he can only get them to let him fight the electric one, and that's the one he doesn't want. And we're 99.999999999% sure we can help him with the issue (unless he already got the electric one, but then we can still trade him the other one), so we hinted at his mom to have him call us, and she was like, sure, but he has to do his schoolwork first, and right now he's procrastinating by building himself an office out of disposable popcorn buckets. She sent us a picture; it looked pretty sweet. But he didn't call us, and we can't catch our fourth giant until he gets his, or we run the risk of both parties only getting the one.

So we whined about it to Mom during our weekly phone call to her, and she said she'd mention to the nephews when they get together for our niece's birthday party on Saturday that they should call their aunts about the Pokemons (our words, not hers). (Incidentally, said niece just broke her arm today, poor girl.) In the meantime, we'll just...catch Moltres, I guess. And go on Dynamax Adventures and stuff.

Today I'm thankful for catching some new critters in Animal Crossing (the rain had cleared up by the time we checked again in the evening, so we got to catch a damselfly!), catching Zapdos, getting to see the Psych After Pshow after re-watching the whole series, having a shiny new translation blog post up (y'all know the link by now, right?), and ice cream.
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