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We voted!

Today is one of those weird days that feels like a lot of stuff is going on but nothing is happening. I don't know why. Maybe it's the election. We voted today! Sometimes I feel bad voting, though, because I'm so incredibly uninformed. I'm like, "Are you sure you want me to vote? Because there's a good chance I'll accidentally vote for something terrible." And every time this happens, I'm like, "I'll be better informed next time!" and then I make very little effort to actually be better informed. I'm just too comfortable in my little cave.

But the good news is we got a payment today, which meant we got to buy a new French audiobook to listen to while we play Pokemon! And that means we played Pokemon today while listening to Percy Jackson, and that was nice. We caught all the Electabuzz family. And Articuno! The Galar form is soooo preeeetttyyy...

We were also eager to see what new critters are around in Animal Crossing, but just like the first day in October, it was pouring down rain, so there weren't any bugs out. And it was raining too hard to go fishing. (Watching Athena's avatar in the rain brings back too many memories of being cold and wet and in the rain, so... And she can't have her umbrella and her fishing rod out at the same time! (Of course she uses one of her six ladybug umbrellas.)) But we did get to collect some mushrooms...and we're entirely baffled by them. What are they for? Just to eat? Are they just to look cool? Will we get DIY recipes to use them for? What's going on here!? If the game doesn't tell us soon, I may resort to Googling it.

Today I'm thankful for having a new French audiobook, getting to catch some new Pokemon (I want to say "shiny new Pokemon," but they weren't shinies; I don't mean it like that, okay!), being done voting for this year, finding a rare mushroom in Animal Crossing (whatever that's for), and making good progress on work today.
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