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On Thanksgiving

I've been thinking about Thanksgiving. We've already seen a couple of people on Facebook say that we should just skip Thanksgiving this year, and if they're just talking about the turkey feast, then fine. Athena and I have been eating pizza and Baked! Ruffles as our Thanksgiving feast for years--we've always been of the opinion that holiday celebrations are designed to be happy and fun, so do whatever is happy and fun for you, even if it's nothing.

But I also think that a year like this, when everything seems to unfathomably terrible, is exactly the kind of year we need to celebrate Thanksgiving, in the sense of, like, giving thanks and stuff. Not that I'm saying we should all look around and go, "Just kidding, everything's great! HA HA HA! *twitch twitch*" It's okay to be sad and scared and everything with all the stuff going on. But on the other hand, we need to look around and realize that it's not all bad. When the future looks bleak, at least for me anyway, I need to find something happy to hold on to. And that's why I think it's important this year, of all years, to remember the good things that are still around.

And in that spirit, today I'm thankful for getting to watch more episodes of The Repair Shop, having some Haagen Dazs ice cream waiting for us in the fridge (our freezer is so cold, we have to thaw ice cream in the fridge before we can eat it), maybe having new critters to catch in Animal Crossing tomorrow, the touching finale of Dad of Light, and getting to hear some lovely testimonies at church today.
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