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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody! Ours was...almost not really any kind of special event. We didn't have any trick-or-treaters, which means now we have a bag of fun-sized Snickers all to ourselves! Come to think of it, most previous years, we did our big Halloween stuff several days before the actual event, so the day of has always been kind of uneventful.

But today! there was an event on Animal Crossing, so in a sense, we did celebrate. It was super cute. All our neighbors had warned us that there would be tricks if we didn't hand out candy, and I was really curious about what that would entail, so even though we'd carefully stocked up on candy throughout the month, we did make sure to let them trick us, and it was the best! They would go all RAR! and draw on your face! And the first time one of our neighbors did it (it was Pinkie), she was like, "Now you're stuck like that forever! But if you really don't like it, you can change it at a mirror or vanity. In fact, here's a mirror right now in case you don't have one." (I'm paraphrasing, but it was pretty much like that.)

The tricky thing is that Jack, the czar of Halloween, gave us a bunch of cool stuff in exchange for lollipops, but after he'd given us the last of the cool stuff, he said, "But you still have to give me lollipops! ...And there might be something in it for you." So we kept giving him lollipops, and now we have like five or six complete Jack costumes, and we have no idea if there was some lollipop quota that results in a super extra special reward. We got bored and stopped after thirteen. We also got curious about what happens if you give a lollipop to somebody else, so we gave one to Joey. Turns out it's the same as giving them regular candy, so I really hope Jack the czar of Halloween doesn't count that against us if he was planning on mailing us something.

The other tricky thing is now we have all the Halloween interior decor, but today is Halloween, and after today, the Halloween decor is no longer seasonal. So like...okay. We'll probably end up keeping it up for a little while though, mostly from lack of motivation to change it. And it's super cute.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time trick-or-treating with our Animal Crossing neighbors, all our neighbors' tips on neat things you can do with face paint, the neighbors who stayed home to pass out candy, getting a bunch more cute Halloween decorations, and having a pumpkin carriage.
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