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Happy Anniversary!

First of all, according to people on the Butch Hartman forums, today is Danny Phantom's two year anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Danny! Wow, and they did show the episode about Jack and Maddie's anniversary today. Neat!

Today we didn't wake up until about eleven. It was kind of annoying, but it had to be done. We had missed too much over the weekend. The main reason it was so annoying was that we were both so anxious to get back to Kingdom Hearts. This is the first time in a very long time that we've been so obsessed with something that it got us out of bed sooner. This is a very good thing, I think.

Still, we had decided a while ago that the day we got the game would be the one day we spent the entire day playing, so we had to be productive first. Fortunately, there was an e-mail from Watabe-sensei in our inbox, so we didn't have to figure anything out about contacting someone to be our second reference. The Nova Group said it was okay that we only had one reference on our applications, but we needed to get information for a second reference to them as soon as we could. And that was one of our main things to take care of today. Watabe-sensei is so great, too. He said he would be more than happy and honored to be our reference. I love that guy.

The other thing we had to take care of was rent, and we were very happy to balance our checkbook and find out that we did in fact have enough money to pay it. And then we did a little catching up on our anime. So it was kind of weird productivity, and it was nothing that took very long, but it was there.

We got to go to Jamba Juice again before FHE, and we have plans to finally see Howl's Moving Castle on Friday. So, despite getting hit on the head with a Frisbee, things have gone very well. And getting hit on the head led to us meeting a guy in the ward who is also into Kingdom Hearts, and who also realizes that IX is the best Final Fantasy. I just hate getting hit in the head, because whenever it happens people tend to laugh, and I know they're not laughing with me, because there's no way I think it's funny. I don't mind people laughing when I say something that I didn't mean to be funny, but I hate it when people laugh at my pain. In my defense, I'm not a huge fan of slapstick comedy.

Tonight, I'm thankful for happy e-mails from Watabe-sensei, being able to pay the rent, having plans to see Howl's Moving Castle, having something that can easily force us out of bed, and two years of Danny Phantom.
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