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Double simul day

Today was a double simulpub day, and somehow those always take a lot out of us. (I know how. It's because double simulpub means one of them is a monthly simulpub and all three of our monthly simulpubs take extra work for different reasons. Cramer takes research on soccer, because we still haven't taken up watching it; UQ Holder! has a looooooott of talking and so many words; and Kingdom Hearts takes research to match the game dialogue where applicable.)

So instead of going right to making sure we had a blog post ready to publish tomorrow, we went right to the Pokemons. But don't worry! The blog post is ready! Fortunately, it didn't take very long, since we'd already written it. We're still kind of working out Weebly's interface, and messing around with picture placement, so hopefully it doesn't look too wonky.

Also importantly, we caught Calyrex, Regice, and Registeel. And! we had our first encounter with the Land Shark Pokemon, which we naturally had to name Candygram. The Crown Tundra is super awesome, you guys.

Today I'm thankful for this double simulpub session being relatively easy, catching a lot of really neat Pokemon, having another blog post ready to go, finally making it through the most recent episode of Fire Force (our Crunchyroll app is having issues), and the wind subsiding.
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