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Sunday with the nephew

We don't usually play video games on Sundays, but today we got a call from Grawp and we couldn't say no. He was like, "I just caught three Pokemon that I know you're gonna want on your Pokedex." We suggested that maybe we would catch them ourselves, and he was like, "Yeah, probably," but he clearly wanted to show them off, so we figured we ought to oblige. Hopefully we were sufficiently impressed when he showed us the Galarian forms of the three legendary birds.

It was good for us, too, because he wanted us to trade them back (I mean, come on, who gives away their legendary Pokemon? ...Actually Grawp almost gave us his Eternatus. He's a sweet kid.), and we had three Pokemon that we wanted to trade to him and have him return to us...because it's how you evolve them and we are currently rather frustrated at our inability to complete our Isle of Armor Pokedex. We told him about a bazillion times that we needed a Pinsir and a Clauncher, and he even caught a Pinsir for us! but we hadn't been able to get him to trade. We still don't have a Pinsir or a Clauncher, but we do have a Slowking, a Kingdra, and a Porygon2. Hopefully sometime in the future we can get his attention long enough to get Porygon Z and the rest. We also suspect we'll need to trade our Loyal Steed Pokemon back and forth... Thank goodness we overheard him and his dad talking about what type of Pokemon the Loyal Steed was in his game.

After that, Grawp remembered that we had failed to catch Zygarde in our previous Dynamax Adventure, so we tried again! And failed again. But then we tried a third time, and we finally won! It was so fun to hear how excited he was to have his own Zygarde. Also, he's gotten into the habit of saying, "Oh my [fill in the blank with whatever he's thinking about at the time]!", which is awesome. Like, he'll be exploring the Crown Tundra and see something that makes him go, "Oh my legendaries!", or when he took Zygarde out for a stroll and saw how gigantic it was, he went, "Oh my Zygarde!" It's great.

Also, Dynamax Adventures are a really neat way to work together and strategize, so bravo, Pokemon developers! It's frustrating at first, because they don't let you use your own Pokemon, which is also brilliant, because it forces you to think about strategy instead of just bringing your strongest Pokemon and mowing down all the obstacles. But they must have known people wouldn't like that at first, because they tempt you into doing it anyway by dangling legendary Pokemon in front of you. Very well thought out all around, I'd say. I look forward to doing more of them in the future (I say, as if I'm playing at all (which I'm not)).

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend some more quality time with Grawp, getting to do some trade evolutions, finally (maybe) getting the hang of Dynamax Adventures, getting to watch more episodes of The Repair Shop, and finishing the first book of In Search of the Castaways.
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