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Sailor Moon revisited

It's sort of been on my mind that the last volume of the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition recently came out. (Some people are counting the Sailor V volumes as the last Eternal Edition volumes, and that's right, but they're not the last Sailor Moon ones...or I guess they could be, since they do mention the other Guardians...oh, whatever.) I figure we probably ought to say something about it!

Not that I necessarily have a lot to say. We finished translating volume ten at the very beginning of the year, and what with the covid and everything, people are saying this is the longest year in history, so basically that was a very, very long time ago. But I do remember some things!

...The main thing, of course, being that Hammer Price Hall short. That thing was pure madness. I think most of the insanity and how we dealt with it was explained in the notes, but one thing I'm pretty sure we would not have said in the notes is that we used Clueless as reference. We were like, "What's a movie from the mid-nineties that has a lot of period slang?" And normally we wouldn't have had time to watch a movie on the spur of the moment like that, but we kiiiiiiiind of had a bit of a breakdown around that time (not because of Sailor Moon), so we blew everything off and watched a movie. We felt like it was still okay because it was work-related. Back then, we had a nervous breakdown and we were like, "I need some me time!" so we watched a movie for work. These days, we're much more selfish and will be like, "An hour's enough time for work, right? Okay, let's go play Pokemon."

Anyway. I guess the timing worked out really well, though, because the new Bill & Ted movie came out before this volume of the Eternal Edition, so the observant fans will find the one place we referred to the Wyld Stallyns rather than Cher & Co., and will hopefully understand what that term means. Unless our editor took it out. We haven't seen the final version, so we don't know.

But the main story! Yes! We've always had an extra fondness for the Stars arc because one of the Sailor Moon musicals we watched the most was the Sailor Stars one. And then, of course, the one we got to see live was also the Stars one. But the other Stars one. No, not Eien Densetsu. The one from the reboot. I will say, though, that much as I love the Sailor Starlights, my OTP will always and forever be Chibi Usa and Helios Usagi and Mamoru.

...I really don't have a whole lot else to say. Oh wait! I think I wanted to talk about Heavy Metal Papillon, because...okay, it's not like I really know because heavy metal isn't really our scene, but I do get the sense that Papillon is seriously metal, based on what my metalhead friends post on Facebook. I never really realized before. Maybe because the one colored picture of her makes her costume seem to be so brightly colored. Also, Heavy Metal Papillon is further proof that whenever we couldn't find an English word to correspond with the katakana, the right answer was French.

Except. For those stupid crystals! I mean...maybe if we'd thought of it at the time we could have found a French word to correspond with the Thyoron Crystal. Hm. Also, French didn't help with Galaxia's crystal. I don't even remember what we ended up with, except for a lot of pain. And since it's technically a "suffer" crystal, I guess that's appropriate. The problem was there was kanji for it, so we were like, "There's kanji right here. Surely there is a word out there somewhere that somehow corresponds to the katakana and fits the meaning of the kanji!" ...Surely we would have written a translation note. I could check... We did! We did write a translation note!

And that reminds me of all the subsequent headaches that occurred. I don't know for sure, but I imagine that our editor tried to retrace our footsteps to corroborate what we'd written in the note about a word for sulfur from Old Portuguese, and this is where it got weird! We knew--we knew--that we had gotten that word from Wiktionary. But Wiktionary didn't have it anymore! We might have gotten it via a circuitous Wiktionary route, but we couldn't remember then and I certainly can't remember now. The evidence had vanished. So now our editor was like, "Are you sure this is correct?" and we were like, "No...!" in that "boo-hoo" sort of voice. You know what I'm talking about. It was sad and painful. I think we came to a consensus via email, but I don't remember what that was, either. So now you who have read the book know more about it than we do!

Anyway. Usagi is still the best. She really cares about everyone, and I love her for that. I love that she fights to make the world a better place. I guess that's something I could stand to do a little more of. I fight to make the manga world a better place! ...Maybe?

Okay, I think that's enough rambling. This series was and still is amazing, and even though it cost us a lot of free time, and wore us the heck out, it was a pleasure and an honor to work on it, and I hope we've helped make the series more enjoyable for everyone, or at least made a worthwhile contribution to its legacy.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on the classic Sailor Moon, being far enough removed now that we can look back on the experience fondly (we enjoyed it most of the time, but sometimes we were really tired), still having a new Sailor Moon movie to look forward to, finding two more Digletts (just two more to go! eh heh...), and getting to turn in another translation today.
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