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It occurs to me that I forgot to link to our translation blog post yesterday. Here it is! Not sure if there's anybody reading our LJ who hasn't already gotten the link from Facebook or Twitter, but just in case, there you go.

Today we did the responsible thing and told our managing editor (the one in charge of scheduling our assignments) that our schedule was open and we could use some more assignments. It kind of bums me out a little, but it also bums me out to not have money for food, so here we are. We do still love translating manga. We just don't like the having to do it part. I think that feeling has subsided some, especially since we were working on an easy project today, which was so easy, in fact, that we were able to say, "You know, I'm not feeling the 'getting back to work' thing," after lunch, and I'm pretty sure we're not in any danger of missing our Monday deadline.

On the other hand, next week we'll be getting back to In/Spectre. That is a rather difficult series, but we love that one, too. We saw the cover for the latest volume and it has the Yuki-Onna on it! Is she going to be a recurring character? ...Well, I guess Manabu and Kotori (was that her name?) are, so it makes sense that the Yuki-Onna would be, too. Anyway, I really liked that couple, so I'm excited. (Athena also points out to me that they haven't actually solved that case yet, so it doesn't really matter if she's a recurring character or not. Ha, ha, ha... I take comfort in the fact that Hiro Mashima, too, had to Google some things in order to accurately remember certain character traits when doing the autograph session.)

Today I'm thankful for having a nice relaxing day today, making good progress on the translation we were working on, catching a shiny Sandygast, finishing the Isle of Armor story in time for Crown Tundra to hit tomorrow, and not being super crunched for our next In/Spectre deadline.
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