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Progress is being made again! We finished another blog entry, and dang, it ended up kinda long. We do tend to ramble on, but I think that's part of the point of this blog, so we're not going to try to curb it. What we might do, though, is break that entry up into two, which would be great because then we'd have one more stored up! One thing it does tell me is that yes, we do need to allot a fair amount of time for blog writing when blog writing time comes along. Hopefully that will only be about monthly...but looking at our work schedule, the next stint might come a lot sooner.

Anyway, the goal for tomorrow is to tweak everything at our website and if all goes well, we might--just might--post the introduction and publish it for the world to see. Then you can admire the brilliant artwork we came up with for the blog! Trust me, it's amazing.

Today I'm thankful for being that much closer to getting this blog up and running, having a lovely visit from the sister missionaries, not being completely destroyed in the Pokemon tournament (just mostly destroyed, but we put up a good fight in most cases, and we're not done yet), new Harry Potter crates arriving today, and the cute bear costume Athena got to wear in Animal Crossing today.
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