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Our main order of business today was to figure out what blogging service we wanted to use. We had asked people before and gotten crickets, so today we asked our Facebook friends...and got more crickets. We Googled what the best blogging services are, and the major consensus seems to be Wordpress, followed by Medium if you want something free. The article we read recommending Medium was pretty compelling, but for the promise of that many eyeballs and me not paying anything, I had to wonder what kind of weird social media experimentation we would be a part of.

So there wasn't really anything that had me feeling like one was preferable to the other, and I was at quite a loss as to what to do. And then I had this thought that, well, our main target audience is kiiiiiind of a bunch a weebs (no offense), so maybe we should go with Weebly. We also happen to have a Weebly account from years ago when we thought, "Hey, we should make a website!" We didn't do anything with it, though, because we were like, "...But what will we do with it?" and then we got swamped.

So unless somebody comes along with a better idea, we have our solution! Our next order of business is to finish up the one blog entry and then poke around our Weebly account and see about designing a website. ...It's not so overwhelming when I don't think that hard about it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play a lot of Pokemon, getting to listen to a lot of Percy Jackson (in French), having more pumpkin decorations for our Animal Crossing island, getting to try out a Spanish anime, and real crickets.
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