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It's official!!!

It's official it's official it's official it's official!!!! There's going to be a Miraculous manga!! Woohoooooooo!!!! (Here's the official announcement!)

I mean, we actually never doubted, because even though apparently it wasn't supposed to be announced yet, all of the sources that indicated it was going to be a thing were quite reliable, including (and limited to, actually) the producer of the TV series and the official Japanese web page that had a call for manga artists. But because the TV producer kept taking the posts off his Instagram, we figured it prooooobably wasn't really okay to talk about it. (I did mention it the once before, but that was before I knew he'd deleted the first post.)

And oh my goodness, we just realized. The tweets and things that make the official announcement about the manga have been calling today Miraculous Day, and we thought it was just an arbitrary decision, like how apparently the Disney Channel made last month Miraculous Month. BUT! what we just realized is that, since today is October 10th, that makes it ten-tou, and a tentou-mushi is a ladybug! Now it all makes sense!

Anyway. If we'd realized sooner, we might have watched an episode or two. Oh well.

But anyway. As far as anybody knows, there are no official plans to release the manga outside of Japan. This is good news for us, because it means that we still have a chance to get a piece of the action. Here's hoping for the best!

Today I'm thankful for there officially being a Miraculous manga, finally realizing why it's Miraculous Day (it was right there on a web banner, too; call me oblivious), earning the silver trophy in the Fishing Tourney, having enough food to last the weekend (we're super broke right now), and having a ride to church tomorrow.
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