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Adventures in TV watching

First of all, we did get some feedback on yesterday's translation blog beta, and it was all good! So I think we're ready to move forward, which is good, because we were already writing another post when people finally started getting back to us. The goal was to write two more today, but we only made it through one and a half. We were multi-tasking and we wore ourselves out much, much quicker than expected. So we said okay, self care! Time to play video games. And that's what we did.

But I wanted to talk about the TV we watched yesterday! We were once again experimenting with language options on Disney+YourSoul, and this time, that meant checking to see if we could watch Big Hero 6 in languages other than English. ...And in retrospect, I realize how very silly of us it was to not check if Japanese was one of the options. We're just a little too obsessed with French lately.

Anyway. You can't change the language audio until after you start the episode, so the episode was playing, and we changed it to French just to make sure we could, and then we started to get really interested in it. But it was dinner time, so we only let ourselves watch about a minute. After dinner, we got back to it, and because we have this thing about watching shows in the original language, we switched it back to English. ...And then it wasn't interesting anymore. We may have a problem.

Like, I don't know if it's just that we have a fascination for watching things in foreign languages now, or maybe just French. But we also wonder if the English voice acting just isn't as engaging. Well, it's subjective anyway, so I guess it's an us problem either way.

That being the case, we only watched one episode, and then we went back to Netflix to check out one of the shows we keep seeing in the emails they send us. This time it was Dragon's Dogma. Netflix tried to tell us the original language was English, and at the same time tell us it was an anime. They do claim that Castlevania is also an anime, so we had to watch the opening credits to be sure...which turned out to be more difficult than we would have thought, because it kept glitching out and freezing the app at one very specific part in the opening sequence. But when we did watch the credits, we saw that 99% of the people listed were Japanese, so we're preeeeeetty sure the original language really is Japanese, even though the one non-Japanese person in the opening credits was the voice director (I think it specified English language, though).

I think we were probably going to watch that one in Japanese anyway, regardless of our "original language" thing. But oh man, the subtitles. I mean, I guess when most people hear, "Oh man, the subtitles," they think, "The writing was that bad, huh?" meaning, "The English was that bad, huh?" That wasn't the problem. The writing was fine, I suppose, but there were several places where we could tell they must have been adapted, because they did not match the Japanese at all. Like there was one part where the Japanese was, "You're alive! Thank goodness!" and the subtitle was like, "You're alive! But how did you--?" So for the most part it wasn't anything that changed the story, was weird. It made it hard to watch, with two different-meaning things going on at the same time. I probably should have just ignored the subtitles, but once we noticed it, we couldn't stop. It was a morbid curiosity sort of thing, I think.

Anyway. I don't know. I feel like both of these experiences have something in common, but maybe it's not anything more than, "my own experience and bad attitude make it hard for me to just enjoy stuff." Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting more blog entries written, getting to talk about Noragami, getting to check out some new shows, having a spooky arch on our Animal Crossing island, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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