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On vacation

We took another day off today. Part of that is because our schedule is super empty right now, which is great for us as far as the fact that we just don't want to work anymore, but not so great as far as, like, paying bills and stuff. So I guess we'll see how things go on that front, and if we don't hear from any editors soon, we might do something crazy, like actually get to work on that translation blog we mentioned so long ago. ...Hopefully mentioning it here won't have jinxed anything.

In the meantime, we've been decorating our Animal Crossing island for Halloween! Tadah! It's a little slow, because we have to wait to get all the recipes and the pumpkins, but it's turning out pretty well. We're also really digging all the costume-type clothes they're offering at the Able Sisters' shop lately. We have pretty awesome flashy-animal costume going on right now.

We're also playing a lot more Pokemon. We were already thinking it was about time we finished up with the Isle of Armor story and fill out that Pokedex when they came along and announced that the Crown Tundra expansion is coming in just a couple of weeks! Gah, so fast! So we've really had to step it up. But we only have about twelve Pokemon left to find/evolve! And Grawp is back into Pokemon, too, now that new stuff is on the way, so we get to hang out...partly because he's bummed that his IRL friend is still out of town, but we'll take it.

And most of all, we're excited that we found enough Diglets to get a Rowlet. It's caused some mixed feelings, though, because obviously to complete the Pokedex, we'd want to evolve it to a Decidueye, but it's so cute and sweet, and on the Isle of Armor, you can have a Pokemon follow you around! So Rowlet has become our first Pokemon to ever hold an Everstone long term. And we'll worry about Dartrix and Decidueye later.

Today I'm thankful for getting another day off, getting to play more Pokemon with Grawp, all the fun Halloween costume options that are available on Animal Crossing, the spooky fence going really well with our Hawk Moth setup, and Rowlet.
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