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Before our visiting teacher moved to Sacramento, she gave us a puzzle she randomly had and didn't want. And so, we decided working on it would be a great way to keep ourselves awake during General Conference. It worked maybe a little too well, because I'm not sure if we paid enough attention to the talks. We almost finished it (it's only 550 pieces), so we were planning on doing some origami once it was done. But we went out to dinner so now the cats are following us around. And since we settled in the room with the puzzle, they seem to have taken offense at the puzzle, and Mimsy was just attacking some of the pieces. They also managed to knock it off of the cutting board we were doing it on (easiest way to get a large flat surface), so now it looks like we'll have more work to do than we thought.

For April Fools' Day, we thought the timing was just perfect to post about a giant spoiler in Kingdom Hearts II that we completely made up, but we would have wanted it to be really well written and the creative juices weren't flowing. It was a fun thought though.

So we were playing KHII, and during this one mini-game (by the way, the mini-games in KHII are faaaaaar superior to the ones in KH not II), Mom called about Conference, to ask if she could come over so she wouldn't have to deal with rowdy kids. She didn't have long to talk, so the call ended quickly and we got back to the mini-game, but we didn't even have time to finish it before Steve called and asked us if we wanted to join them at Hometown Buffet. We had actually been wondering what we were going to do for dinner, so we took him up on the offer, and we had a really good time, except for the parts where we were bored. But it happens. And there were enough people there that we hardly interacted with Steve at all, so there was nothing traumatic. And Steve's oldest kid asked us to do the "come play with us" line from The Shining, which apparently we did very well, despite not having seen the movie and being very confused about the whole thing. But all the people who were familiar with The Shining recoiled in fear, so I'm satisfied.

But now that mini-game has been left unplayed, so I'm going to do my gratitude thing, and then we're off. We'll probably be up later than we originally planned. So much for catching up on sleep. I promise we'll get to that meme soon, though, kabochan. We haven't forgotten!!

Tonight I'm thankful that we got to listen to Conference, that we managed to stay awake for all of both sessions, that we got to go to Hometown Buffet, and for jigsaw puzzles and pictures of yawning tigers.
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