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Conference time

Today we had a lot of church. This General Conference had a general women's session, so we had three two-hour sessions to watch. They were all really good, though. I definitely felt like it was a lot of light to counteract the darkness that has been going on lately. We felt like there were a lot of talks on unity, and it kind of reminded us of in the later books in Harry Potter how the Sorting Hat keeps desperately trying to tell the students that they need to be unified. There was a lot of good music, too. It was super cute when they had the children's choir (pre-recorded at a conference a few years ago) singing Beautiful Savior.

Between sessions, we went to the grocery store! I really only bring it up because they had candy bar flavored milk, so we bought some, and we're going to try it. I'm a little excited and a little scared. But mostly excited. This time we got the Twix flavored milk, because they only had one Snickers one left.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch some great sessions of General Conference, having some interesting new milk to try, having an action plan to get our temple recommends renewed, plans for our ward to have music at their Zoom worship services, and getting to see some friends at the grocery store.
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