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We finally finished season three of Seven Deadly Sins, and...fine. It wasn't even an ending! Gah! I mean, I could tell from the second opening sequence that it wasn't going to end well, but we thought it would at least have some sort of a conclusion. Instead, it was kind of like way back in the day when DiC started looping Sailor Moon around again before they'd even beaten Rubeus. It was just like, hey we're in the middle of a giant freakin' war, and the surprise not-last boss has taken the heroine hostage and by the way, the hero is in a demon king cocoon(?) trying to become the ultimate last boss...and we'll just leave you there, kthnxbai.

And actually I'm okay with it, because it's like if I was watching the series live, I'd have to wait at least a week for the next episode, and the way we've been consuming entertainment, after a week, we'd pretty much lose track of what's going on and a week or a year, it would be basically the same wait. But I guess there was an expectation that there would at least be some kind of victory. The whole season was basically defeat after defeat after defeat... Okay, not quite. King and Diane survived their trial and powered up. And then it was a constant string of defeats. So it was unsatisfying is all.

But tomorrow is General Conference! So that should be happier.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see all of the latest season of Seven Deadly Sins before the next one starts airing in Japan, getting to play Pokemon with Grawp today, catching a shiny Magikarp, getting to take the day off, and getting to watch General Conference tomorrow.
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