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All done!

Today was a pretty normal day, but! we finished all our work! And by that, I mean our next deadline isn't until the 26th, and it's for a book that probably won't take very long, which means we can take tomorrow off! Woohoo! That's extra good news, because we won't be able to sleep in this weekend, so we can definitely use the extra sleep tomorrow morning.

And why won't we be using the weekend to sleep in? Because this weekend is the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! We've always been pretty big fans of General Conference (although I'm still not sure whether or not I should use capital letters...), but I think with the pandemic and the politics and the fear and the general terribleness that's been so prevalent lately, it will be extra nice to hear people give messages of light and hope. So if you have a chance, I definitely recommend tuning in! We'll probably be watching it on YouTube, because that's been the most reliable stream of it. There will be two main sessions on Saturday and two on Sunday at 10:00 MDT and 2:00 MDT, and a women's session on Saturday evening at 6:00 MDT.

As for the historically easy series we'll be working on this month, I realize they finally announced it, so we can talk about it! It's Wondercat Kyu-chan! Tadah! When Seven Seas first asked us to do it, it was during a pretty dark time for us, and it's a heartwarming series about a kitty, so we fell in love with it. Then later, we saw someone sharing other translations on Facebook, but it hadn't been announced yet, so we couldn't say anything! And we were sad. And a little confused, actually, because the original series is a web comic, and you can read the whole thing for free, but we think there are ads? so at least the artist would get money from that? I don't know. But anyway, read manga legally, everybody!

Today I'm thankful for Wondercat Kyu-chan, Meliodas finally getting a little screen time, finishing all our work, getting to take tomorrow off, and General Conference this weekend!
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