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Let's share light

Today we made the mistake of watching less Seven Deadly Sins in favor of a documentary that was scary and depressing. I mean, we were pretty well aware of everything it talked about, just not quite the extent of it. It's called The Social Dilemma, and Mom watched it and it became very important to her that we watch it. So we did, and...I'm glad they're spreading awareness, but dang, we just went to their website and all the colors and everything just scream propaganda, which makes it harder for me to trust them any more than anything else on the internet. And it makes me feel even more scared and uncomfortable.

So! to counter that, I'm going to share this link instead, on sharing light through social media. It does come from a religious website, but this particular page is more about goodness in general, so you can look at it from a non-religious perspective, too. Let's try to make the world happier!

Today I'm thankful for having a beautiful greeting card to send to a friend, getting to watch some episodes of Seven Deadly Sins anyway, making really good progress on work, the ridiculousness that is Fire Force, and getting to learn about the kinds of things people shout at Japanese bodybuilding competitions to cheer on their favorites.
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