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Back to church! ...Kind of.

Today was the...second week of church meetings! It was the first for us, because after we pre-recorded our part of the service last week, we...kind of...did not tune in for the broadcast. I just wasn't really interested in watching myself on the piano.

But we did make sure to tune in today! This week, instead of a broadcast with just a few people from a lonely church building, everyone attended the service via Zoom. It was kind of an interesting experience. One of the worst things about not getting to go to church is that you miss out on the socialization that comes with it, and I was thinking that a Zoom meeting might not really help with that, since the idea is that they mute everybody but the speakers. But this week we had a fast & testimony meeting, so a bunch of people got to take turns to talk! So that was kind of nice. ...And we discovered that there's a chat feature, so we can all type at each other while other people are talking. probably not something that should be overused, but I'm sure it could help in a pinch if we're really desperate to talk to each other.

After the meeting, we did our Come, Follow Me studies, and then we watched a ton of episodes of The Repair Shop. We kind of have a lot going on right now (only kind of, but it sure feels like a lot), so we got into the escapist mood, and it just felt really nice to use The Repair Shop as a distraction. It's a really good show, though! In this batch, we saw the first episode with the plush toy specialists, and they're just so great! And I love how, at least as far as what they're willing to show on camera, the Repair Shop never turns away a project. They will say, " might not be possible to fully restore this..." but they always try! And they almost always succeed! And it's very heartwarming.

Then we finally watched Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, which Grawp had recommended to us months upon months ago. While I'm pretty sure it's not entirely a shot-for-shot remake of the original, I'm pretty sure it's more shot-for-shot than any of the Disney remakes. It was interesting to hear that the Japanese version had most of the same cast from the original. But I was bummed out that Netflix only has the American version songs. I really like Kaze to Isshoni! ...Oh well. We still have it on CD. (Yeah...we still use CDs...)

And then we finished reading about the Adventures of Captain Hatteras. I think Jules Verne is really into bittersweet endings. Sheesh.

Today I'm thankful for getting to meet with our ward, getting to watch lots of The Repair Shop, getting to see the new old Mewtwo movie, getting to eat some cookies, and not having to go on Arctic expeditions.
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