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We are not surprised, but still a little sad, that no streaming service has posted Miraculous New York: United Heroez yet. It's okay, though, because today was a Bug-Off in Animal Crossing, so we needed time to do a bunch of bug-catching. Of course we watched Miraculous anyway. Today's selection included Animaestro, Volpina, The Collector, and of course, Glaciator, Oblivio, and Chat Blanc. We had a good time.

Oh! But there was some exciting news on the Edens Zero front! They announced some of the animation staff and the three main voice actors! Takuma Terashima is going to play Shiki, and while I did not think of him as a possible casting choice, now that I do think of it, I think he's a pretty good match. We're pretty impatient to hear who will be playing Weisz...

Today I'm thankful for getting to participate in the Bug-Off (last one until June! DX), getting to watch plenty of Miraculous, getting to learn more about the Edens Zero anime, super pretty cards to write messages in, and the yummy pizza we had for dinner.
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