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The Big Day

After we went to bed last night, I kept waking up every hour or so, interestingly, with the feeling that I had just completed some task in Kingdom Hearts II. This pattern continued until it was about time for the alarm to go off. It actually worked really well for me, because I would wake up after an hour, think, "Aw man, now I have to get up and I haven't slept at all," look at the clock and realize I had another couple hours, then go back to sleep. Also, it made the waking up before four less surreal.

So we quickly got ready, and then we said a prayer, and soon after that our home teacher called and said he'd be at our place in about five minutes. The drive there was really pretty once the sun came up, because, since it's been raining a lot recently, all the hills were covered in grass. The weather was really pretty too with the way the clouds were. But that didn't stop us from being really really scared, especially since we still only had one reference, and it clearly says you need two.

Traffic was good, so we actually made it to the interview an hour early. This worked out very well for us, because we ended up being scheduled first for the one-on-one interviews. But first, they had a group seminar-type thing where they explained what it would be like to live in Japan, and what their teaching programs are like. The part where they explained living in Japan got me really excited, and I'm like, "Dude, this'll be awesome!" But then the part where they explained the teaching programs freaked me out again. Not that it seems hard, because it really doesn't on thinking about it, but I had the same reaction when I got hired at Disneyland. They explained what to do, and I was like, "I can't do that!" even though all it was was saying hi to people and working a cash register.

The seminar was really fun, and they had a bunch of games and activities, so they really do seem like a great company to work for. But I was really freaking out. During my one-on-one interview, I broke into tears a few times, mostly just from the pressure. But the recruiter who interviewed me was really nice, and whenever I apologized, he said, "That's okay." Despite the crying, I think the interview went well, and Athena feels like hers went well too. They'll get back to us within two business weeks to let us know if it worked out.

We met up with our home teacher, and he asked if we wanted to go to Fisherman's Wharf, since we'd never been to San Francisco before. He said we had to (you know, "You've never been to San Francisco? Then you have to see...!"), so I was willing, but he said it was our call, and we decided to just go home. On the way back, we stopped in a place called Casa de Fruta and our home teacher bought us some candy, since it's a tradition of his whenever he goes to the Bay Area to stop there and get something whether he has money or not.

For most of the rest of the way home, there was a rainbow right in our path. For some reason the thought occurred to me that rainbows are a sign that everything will be okay, and after I remembered that, I almost started crying again. At any rate, we think that whether we passed the interviews or not, things are going to work out right. So today I'm thankful that we made it to and from the interviews safely, that we made it through the interviews, that the Nova Group seems like a good group of people, that our home teacher was nice enough to drive us, and that the Lord showed us a rainbow on the way home.

And now, since Saturday and Sunday aren't included in the business week, we don't have to worry about the interviews until Monday at the soonest, so we're ready for a weekend full of General Conference and Kingdom Hearts II. And Final Fantasy X on Sunday, because video games can be too stressful for Sundays on the first time through.
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