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Waiting for a miracle

The time has come for us to stay away from Instagram and Twitter. Not that we've been posting anything on either of those platforms, but we've been lurking, mostly to glean information about Miraculous. And right now the information about Miraculous is that a new special is debuting tomorrow! And we don't want spoilers, so we're staying away.

Of course, we have to make things more complicated for ourselves than just, "Yay, new Miraculous tomorrow!" I mean, first of all, it's going to be on the Disney Channel, which is fine except that we don't have "channels," per se. ...I think we might have something through our internet provider, but since we don't watch regular TV, we haven't bothered to find out. Now would be a good time to do that...except that we'd really rather wait until we can watch it with our favorite cast--the French one. And it seems highly unlikely that that's the one we would hear on the American Disney Channel.

So we have to wait for it to hit a streaming platform, and possibly from there, wait again for them to give us French audio. And that's where it gets really tricky. We don't know what is going on with the streaming rights for this show. We were able to watch it on Netflix about a week ago, but there are still those rumors about Disney+YourSoul... And whichever service gets it, we still don't know how quickly they'll have the special available!

But all we can do is wait, and check compulsively until we find out. I'm sure one of the official people will announce it on Twitter or Instagram when it's available...but we can't check that. Oh well. I'm pretty sure Cecille will be keeping an eye out. In the meantime, we're planning to have a bit of a Miraculous weekend of our own. Instead of watching the new special, we're going to watch Heroes' Day when it's supposed to be on, and then on Saturday, if the new special isn't available streaming, we'll pick some other favorites to re-watch. It's exciting and also a bit nerve-racking.

Today I'm thankful for managing to get our simulpub done despite technical difficulties, new Miraculous possibly soon, getting to buy some interesting-looking chocolate at Target, being done with my jury duty, and the delicious ice cream we had for dinner.
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