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A dream is a wish...

LiveJournal was doing maintenance yesterday, so we weren't able to relate the charming events of last night. We got a phone call from Grawp, and since Athena was preoccupied, I answered it and said, "Hi! How's it going?" He said he was playing Animal Crossing, and I said, "Am I to take that as a hint that we should play Animal Crossing, too?" He answered, "No. You NEED to play Animal Crossing."

Further inquiry revealed that there was a meteor shower on his island, and he wanted us to hurry on over so we could wish on some falling stars and get star fragments. We have a ton of recipes from Celeste the Owl, so we were very agreeable to this plan. We also called Grandma so she could get some star fragments, too. It was really nice, just all watching the shooting stars together. I noticed that Grandma seemed to always catch them first (her avatar started the wishing motion before anybody else), and then Grawp made it a contest. Athena always lost because she didn't care.

Then the trouble started. Grawp's little sister, who also enjoys the occasional round of Animal Crossing, and whose birthday it is today, discovered that there were shooting stars going on, and she wanted a piece of that action. I felt a little bad, because I think (although I don't know for sure) that if Grawp hadn't had visitors on the island, they could have played multi-player. Oops...

Fortunately, this was easily resolved. She had to get ready for bed anyway, and that involved letting her mother brush her hair. So she got to sit next to Grawp, who held the Switch and let her push the A button to make wishes. We didn't actually see it happening, but I imagine it was a very heartwarming scene.

...And then. Hermie turned off the software. Just like that, with no warning. We didn't have a chance to leave Grawp's island through the airport, so pretty much everything we did on his island was erased from the game's memory. Athena had lent him her ladder so he could go up a cliff and talk to Celeste the Owl, but she had it back. And she'd given it to him pretty early on. And that is the tale of our massive disappointment from last night. We wanted to spend some time on our island staring at the sky on the off-chance we could catch a small smattering of shooting stars, just a few to make up for the 100+ wishes we'd lost...but alas, it was raining. Our island did try to cheer us up, though, by giving us a cool light show in the form of a thunderstorm, so that was nice.

When we checked our island this afternoon, sure enough, our beaches were empty...all save for one single star fragment that still managed to make it through. I like to think that the moral of the story is yeah, we have a lot of crazy wishes, but one of them might just come true.

Today I'm thankful for Grawp being so kind as to invite us to his island to share in the bounty of potential star fragments, having a good time hanging out with people while we watched the stars, still getting to keep one star fragment, the episode of Julie and the Phantoms we watched today being way better than the one we watched yesterday, and the fact that they let the French voice actors do the sung apology (most of the singing remains in English).
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