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I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here before, but after I had my DNA analyzed, we sent the info to another service called GenoPalate. The idea behind it is that certain genes need more or less of certain vitamins, minerals, etc. Like, vitamin C deficiencies are genetic or something...? I don't know the details, just the basic concept. So GenoPalate will analyze your DNA to see what you need more or less of, and then give you a list of foods that will help you get more of the things you need more of.

Not surprisingly, we looked at most of the list and went, "Ehhh..." I mean, apparently I carry both the lactose intolerance gene and the gluten intolerance gene, and since I mostly only eat bread and dairy... Well, not much looked very palatable. (Fortunately, the intolerance genes are only a "you're more likely" to have this issue thing, rather than a verdict.)

Nevertheless, we think that we can eat fruit if we prepare it properly...which is to say, we mash it beyond all recognition. At the top of our recommended fruits list were raspberries and blackberries. I may have mentioned several years ago that the last time we tried to eat raspberries, all we could taste was sourness. We told Gaston as much, and he said that blackberries are sweeter, so, since we like raspberry flavored candy, we bought ourselves some frozen blackberries. They had to be frozen because there's no telling when we would ever get around to eating them.

But today was the day! We've been going through another "food is gross" phase, and we thought maybe some milkshakes would be more appetizing. So we bought some vanilla ice cream, and today we pureed us some blackberries and mixed them with the ice cream! We decided not to use extra milk...I'm not sure why, but I always liked ice cream soup, so I figured it should be okay. Maybe the milk would have helped. The blackberries...just...we can't do fruit, you guys. Maybe we should have added some more sugar. I don't know. It just wasn't good. Maybe if we added condensed milk... Or maybe, since we don't know anything at all about food, we should stop experimenting and learn how to cook or something.

Anyway. We tried some blackberries in ice cream, and we didn't like it. The end.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try something new, managing to get the blackberries eaten, getting to catch and evolve some more Pokemon, getting to talk to Grawp on the phone, and getting to watch more Julie and the Phantoms.
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