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Our life continues to have not much worth noting. Except! for the Repair Shop, which is an amazing show, and I want to recommend it to everyone! I think I already mentioned it, but in case you missed it, it's about a repair shop where people go when priceless family artifacts are in need of repair. And they have experts on pretty much everything to make sure they can get the items as good as new, or better if they can.

In the batch of episodes we watched today, one of the things they had to repair was one of those old toy monkeys that claps the cymbals. We'd seen them in the movies and stuff, but it wasn't until we saw it on this show that we found out they were actually manufactured by Bandai! ...And I guess we might be a little inordinately excited about that because we love Japan. Looking at the toy, though, it does seem to be modeled after that Japanese macaque.

Anyway, I just really like the idea of people who know so much about the things that they do. We also saw an episode where they restored an old painting, and that kind of thing is so fascinating. The conservator talked about how the idea is, if she's doing her job right, you'll never know she was involved. We like to think translation is like that...but on the other hand, there is such a thing as different writing styles, so translation might be more like acting.

So yeah. Really great show. Definitely watch it if you have the chance.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch more of The Repair Shop, getting to read more about Captain Hatteras, the nice cool breeze coming in from the windows, the great lesson we had in Come Follow Me this week, and the building excitement for the new Miraculous special that premieres this Saturday (hopefully it will be available for us to watch in French soon thereafter!).
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