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A couple of rush jobs

Today we got another of the dreaded emails that say, "Hey, I'm just checking to see where you're at on that thing that was due two days ago!" It's the little things that fall through the cracks, usually (except for the one time we missed an entire volume of Waiting for Spring that we finished within 24 hours of when we were reminded about it...ha, ha...ha...). It's like, "Oh, that's just a little thing. We'll finish up this thing we're on now and get right to it!" only then we don't get to it, and because we were planning to get it done right away, we didn't bother to put it on the calendar, and all the distractions came along, and...yeah...not one of our finest moments.

But anyway. This time it was the extras for volume 10 of Edens Zero, which included the afterword, and I wanted to talk about it. Volume 10 is the one that covers all the stuff right before Rebecca's time leap, which gets pretty dark.

I seem to remember translating something Mashima-sensei said--maybe it was a different afterword, or maybe it was an interview--where he talked about watching something like The Walking Dead and thinking it would be cool if he could write a story like that one day. (Athena says it wasn't something we translated; it was one of the comments he sometimes puts in the margins of the magazine when the chapters are published. Those don't go into the final English version, for which we apologize, but it's not our call.) I...actually haven't seen The Walking Dead, but from all the Walking Dead décor I saw around Halloween at Universal Studios, it looks to me like it can get pretty dark, so maybe that's the kind of thing Mashima-sensei was going for when he started making Edens Zero just really really painful for everybody.

But here's the good part! In the afterword to volume 10, he admits that he had a hard time drawing some of those scenes, and I don't know if it came across in our translation, but the vibe I got was not that it was just really tricky, but that it was maybe too painful. So he says he realizes he could have delved into that more and shown just how awful it was, like, after Shiki died I guess? But he decided not to, even though he thinks the readers might have preferred otherwise. He says it's because he wanted to prioritize the pacing of the story, but I like to think it's because he just couldn't torture his characters any more than he already had. And I just really like that. I agree that sometimes you have to show a lot of darkness to help bring things into the light, but I also really respect someone who is too kind to do that, even to fictional characters. I mean, I can be kind of a sadist when it comes to entertainment, so I do think it might have been interesting to show more of World No.29, but I'm glad that Mashima-sensei is the way he is, and I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out. Not that my opinion means much.

After we got that turned in, we got a call from a counselor in our ward bishopric, asking if I could do a special musical number for the ward worship service we'll be streaming on Sunday. The extra special thing about it is that that counselor is going to be out of town on Sunday, so we would need to pre-record the So I got to do an impromptu piano solo! I did practice for a couple of hours, and I think I had gotten to point where I was doing pretty good...but the final performance was not my best work. Oh well; it wasn't too embarrassing. If it was terrible enough, somebody would have noticed and asked if I wanted to do another take. Since nobody did, I figure it's fine. Athena says it was good.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on work despite setbacks and interruptions, getting to talk with Celeste on the phone, getting to read that volume 10 afterword, getting to meet up with some people from church (there were only six of us total--no worries), and getting to talk to Grawp on the phone, too.
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