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Nonsensical viewing patterns

We spontaneously decided to take the day off today! We're still not sure it was a good idea, but we had a nice day anyway. We finished watching season two of the New Legend of Monkey, which had a much less maddening plotline than season one (Chai Hansen is adorable, too). And then Netflix suggested we watch Julie and the Phantoms...

Okay, so, the thing about us and Netflix is that, since we found out the voice of Chat Noir is in Seven Deadly Sins, our Netflix default language was set to French for a while, so one time a trailer started playing, in French, and we heard it and were like, "Wait a minute, I know that voice!" so we watched an episode of Family Reunion(s?), just so we could see the international credits at the end. (It turned out to be a pretty fun and cute show, but we never got back to it... I think we were pretty busy at the time.) Anyway, since then, we've gotten it into our heads that whenever there's a "Netflix Original Series," there's a good chance Chat Noir is in the French dub cast. We're recently discovering that's there's really only a fair chance that he'll be in it, but that hasn't stopped us from wanting to check everything that comes along.

And that is why we decided to watch the first episode of Julie and the Phantoms. And oh my goodness, did it have a Disney Channel Movie vibe...only fancier, I guess? because it's a Netflix Original. ...Not that Disney Channel never went fancy, just that there's maybe a sliiiiiightly more "artsy" vibe from the cinematography. The writing is still very much in that style. It, too, is a pretty cute show, except that it reeeeally likes to take its time getting to the point, which we have a hard time with.

The important thing! is that yes, Chat Noir is in the French dub cast. And that means that we went backed and re-watched probably at least a third of the scenes in French so we could hear him talking ("Tell all your friends!"). Turns out, the voice of Luka is also in the French dub cast, and is bandmates with Chat Noir's character...and that is kind of strange to reconcile in my head. It doesn't help that his character's name is Luke. I know, I know, they're just actors playing roles, and Luka is amazing, but he still makes me go, "No! Stay away!" ...I'll get over it. If we keep watching. We haven't decided yet. We also haven't decided whether to watch it in French or English...I mean, we're usually all about watching in the original language--that's how the original author/creator/whathaveyou intended it!!! But on the other hand, the French cast was doing a pretty fantastic job of matching the expressions on the American actors' faces, and their energy and everything.

...And this post very likely makes no sense whatsoever. But that's okay, because we understand it. ...At least...we do now. There's a chance we'll come back and re-read it in a few years and be like, "Quoi...?"

After that, Grawp called and we played a bunch of Animal Crossing before getting back to Pokemon. We also wanted to start listening to the French audiobook of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, but our ancient devices weren't as prepared for it as we were. We're still working on that one.

Today I'm thankful for getting some gold roses in Animal Crossing, getting to watch a cute new show, the really tasty Take Five bars we had for a snack, getting to hang out with Grawp, and getting to look at all the beautiful scenery with Kubfu.
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