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Busy, busy, busy

Today has indeed been busy. We started out by finishing off the translation we were working on. We weren't planning on finishing it, but then it just went so quickly that we figured we could spare a little more time to get it done. And on top of that, we've been trying to get everything ready for our interviews tomorrow. It's really very surreal. It'll be even more surreal when we wake up tomorrow before four in the morning.

But we're very stubborn, so we did get in a bit of Kingdom Hearts. And soon we will be heading off to get in another hour or so before we go to bed. Would it be a good idea to go to bed sooner? Probably. But like I said, we're stubborn. And obsessed.

Tonight I'm thankful for getting everything just about ready for our interviews, having interviews (scary as they may be), getting to eat Cheez-it crackers, being done with the ironing, and having a little bit of time left over for Kingdom Hearts.
Tags: kingdom hearts, nova

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