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Can I have your autograph?

It smells like our neighbors are having a barbecue, and I'm like, "Isn't there enough smoke around here already!?!?!?!?" ...At least, I hope it's a barbecue.

Anyway! Today Kodansha and Anime News Network had a thing on YouTube where the interviewed Hiro Mashima. I feel like interviews like that always ask questions that have already been answered in bonus material, so we already knew the answers to at least half the questions. But it was nice to hear his favorite characters.

At the end, they announced something we already knew about again, because they announced it a few chapters ago in Japan, on the title page for a chapter a couple weeks back. (We translated it in case they wanted it, but then we were told they were going to have a different announcement for English-speaking audiences.) They're doing a worldwide autograph signing! What! It's a really cool concept--you get to enter to win, and there will be eighty people from around the world who will get not just an autograph, but to request a sketch!

We totally want to enter, but! people who work for the companies running these kinds of things, at least in the US, are usually not eligible for this kind of thing. The reason for that, though, is that if you're working with them, you shouldn't really need to enter a sweepstakes--you can just ask for things like autographs! ...I mean, ideally. It doesn't mean you'll get it, either. We don't actually know how it works, because we've never tried. But we're going to ask about it now! We would enter the sweepstakes just in case, but then if we won, that would be super unfair to anyone who's not in a similar position. So we're going to ask, and maybe if we're lucky we can get an autograph either way!

I'm not going to assume we can just ask for a sketch, but it is fun to dream about who we'd ask him to draw... It's hard to pick between Shiki and Weisz. Oh well. We can always look at pictures from the manga!

Today I'm thankful for getting to see a neat interview with Hiro Mashima, finishing our work quota despite interruptions, having a fun chat with Mom on the phone, getting to watch "Hercules and the Drama Festival," and the yummy scones we had for a snack.
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