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A delightful Sabbath

We had some extra time today, so we opened up our latest Wizarding World crates! They're coming in so efficiently these days.

This time, the theme was Hagrid's Hut! And oh my goodness, everything was so cute! First, there was a pin of Hagrid's Hut. I guess they finished the Magical Creatures series. And there was a pad of sticky notes that were pink and round and had "Happy Birthdae Harry" written on them like a pink birthday cake with green frosting. Came with a matching pink pencil (write in regular pencil, but the pencil itself is pink), and it's magnetic, so you can keep it on your fridge, I think. There was a super cute mason jar candle holder that has Hagrid's hut printed on it, with a quote that I forgot, and! there was a little plush pumpkin with a little Buckbeak embroidered on one side! And finally, there was an apron with a bunch of magical creatures on it! I immediately wanted to start doing something that called for wearing an apron, but my lack of creativity and desire to go back to Jules Verne won out.

Other than that, we watched more of The Repair Shop. Oh my goodness, you guys, this show is so great. We found out that back in the '70s, toys that talked used something like miniature records for the sounds! Wao! And it's just so nice to see these things from people's pasts being restored to look like new.

That reminds me! Ancestry has been refining their DNA analyses, and the results have been changed accordingly. Before, it said I was 52% English/Welsh/Northwestern European, but now! I'm 46% Scottish! Tadah! How easy it is to change a nationality...

We also did our Come, Follow Me studies. This week, we're on the destruction of the Nephites that let them know Christ had been crucified, followed by the beginning of His visit to them. The manual had some nice, thought-provoking questions about what it means to say that Jesus is the light of the world.

Today I'm thankful for getting some more neat Harry Potter stuff, getting to watch more of the Repair Shop, getting to hear Stale Cupcakes at K.K.'s concert yesterday, getting to be more Scottish, and a lovely Come, Follow Me lesson.
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