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Today we decided that maybe we should stop spending all our time on Animal Crossing and do something about our ever-growing to-watch list. Would you believe we still haven't watched the latest installment of Seven Deadly Sins? I know! And we still haven't, because we want to save it for when we can watch the whole thing all at once (within three days at the most). I think we should have time to do that if work goes well enough, continues to surprise us.

Anyway. We're ever optimistic about that, so instead we opted for a shorter series that we don't feel the need to binge, and started on season two of The New Legend of Monkey. ...I'm not entirely sure I have much to say about it, except that we were happy to discover that yes, there are Miraculous voice actors in the French dub (including the voice of King Monkey as Monkey). So far the characters are just as fun as they were in season one, but the plot hasn't gotten as ridiculous. It really bothered us that nobody ever considered the possibility of an inaccurate/fake translation. The bad guys would never have known! They didn't even have to do it on purpose--translation errors happen all the stinkin' time. ...Hopefully Athena and I catch most, if not all, of them.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch some fun TV, surpassing our work quota for the day, Psych Christmas specials, getting to order some yummy pizza for dinner, King Monkey from Miraculous playing Monkey in The New Legend of Monkey, and the sky being just a little bit clearer today.
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