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Ugh, dying... I think all the physical labor from yesterday is catching up to us. And we pushed ourselves a little with our usual job today. We're going to be taking the weekend off! ...which means we wanted to make sure we were far enough ahead on work to make that viable. That meant doing a whole first draft of the last volume of Waiting for Spring. It's a really sweet series, you guys. But the last volume has a bunch of really text-heavy bonus manga. The second draft probably won't be super hard, which is really good, but all the text made for a lot of work today. My everything is tired.

We also had to do laundry, which involves actually going outside and stuff. So it's been a busy day. We didn't get to Animal Crossing until after dinner! ...But we didn't get any more pine cones, we only got one acorn, and we didn't get a single new DIY recipe. Animal Crossing is just not feeling productive... And our sister's family has gotten into Pokemon, so we're more motivated to get back to that, but see the thing about Animal Crossing is that with games like that, we feel a responsibility to check in every day. We have had days in the past where we could just check in for a few minutes and turn the game off, but we didn't really have time for anything else today anyway, so really I'm just complaining because I'm tired.

But! we had time while dinner was cooking to watch an episode of Miraculous! And that's a great thing.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done, getting our laundry done, getting one more rusted part in Animal Crossing (just 17 more before we have enough for a giant robot! (still need the recipe for a rocket, though)), getting to walk around in our fancy suit of gold armor complete with helmet and boots, and getting a pirate eye patch from Gulivarrr.
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