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Today was busy in a different way than usual. Last week, the sister missionaries called and asked if they could come over. Today was the day of the appointment, so we took the day off of work to make our apartment almost sorta maybe presentable. Fortunately, we knew they would only be sitting in the living room, so we only had to focus on that area. ...There's still a lot of clutter. We're not exactly hoarders, but that might just be because we have the sense to stop buying things eventually. But mostly we like to blame the situation on our weird closet circumstances, in which one of our closets is filled with a bedframe.

...Maybe I have shared too much. Anyway! The sister missionaries came over and it was lovely. They made a very good audience. They came in, and we just started rambling away, and they just sat there laughing and going, "I love it!" even when we were talking about how much we hate stuff. Then they retold the story of the Restoration, and then they invited us to find ways we can improve ourselves.

Self improvement is such a weird topic for me, because I like to think I'm doing my best, which means I'm already doing pretty good, right? But intellectually I know I can always do better. But then to admit I need to improve on something is to admit that I'm flawed, but intellectually I know I'm flawed...and I'd just rather think about video games and stuff. Anyway, we're working on it! (Oh yeah, I guess setting a routine of tidying up is something I could improve on...)

Today I'm thankful for getting a lovely visit from the sister missionaries, our apartment being on its way to being decent, catching a bunch of new bugs in Animal Crossing (it wasn't raining today, so they all came out!), the Restoration, and the beautiful weather we had today.
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