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Animal Crossing and Wizards

The plan was to take the day off to see all the new September stuff in Animal Crossing, but we didn't finish all our work yesterday, so we had to press pause on the video games for about an hour while we got that taken care of. Turns out the Animal Crossing stuff wasn't super duper exciting, but it was pouring down rain on our island, so we finally caught a coelacanth. We were also perhaps disproportionately excited to shake some trees and find acorns and pine cones. Now we're impatient to get DIY recipes to use them in.

Oh yeah, and we finished watching Wizards! Why oh why oh why do they always do this thing where they're like, "Okay, so the bad guys need these very specific things in order to destroy the world. Those very specific things have been sealed away where we, the good guys, are the only ones who can possibly access them. I know! Let's get them back out into the open where they'll be much more vulnerable to theft!" I just...I can't even.

And then it turns out Merlin had been storing them together!? I mean, sure, since his spells and defenses had been set up such that only one very specific person had to follow a very specific set of steps to even find the darn things, keeping them all in that one place was probably a very good idea...except that Merlin then told that guy to go get them. Y'know, right when the bad guys were after that guy, and the things.

On the other hand, later Merlin chided him for ignoring all his instructions, so maybe Merlin specifically told him not to go get the things? We actually don't really know what the instructions are. Maybe we missed that part. All we know is that Charlie the Dragon said, "To get the things you have to destroy Merlin's staff and I know you don't want to but I will literally kill you if you don't because I'm a nice dragon who doesn't want the world to be destroyed." After that, the rest is pretty fuzzy.

But on the bright side, they finally made Jim human again. I mean, I think I already mentioned how I'm not sure I'm okay with altering people's DNA like that, especially when they don't have time to think it over and make sure they're okay with it. And it might have been a little better if he had at least been able to go out in the sun, since there was supposedly some point to having a half-human/half-troll Trollhunter... Anyway, they gave him his old DNA back, so that was happy. And it was nice finally seeing Toby again.

Today I'm thankful for getting to take it easy today, getting some acorns and pine cones in Animal Crossing, the yummy chocolate cookies we had for a snack, finally catching a coelacanth, and the cute videos Inkari posts on Facebook.
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