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Quest complete

We did it! We finally caught a giraffe stag! I kind of had a feeling we'd catch one on the last day of August, but better that than never. We went to another remote island and it seemed to be really good for catching bugs, because we caught a couple of rainbow stags right off the bat. It wasn't long before we got a horned atlas beetle, which was the last of the missing horned beetles!

After we broke our net twice, I thought it would be a good idea to keep catching bugs until we broke a third net. By that time, we'd caught a horned atlas, a horned elephant, a cyclommatus stag, and six rainbow stags, so it was a pretty good haul, but we hadn't caught the elusive giraffe stag yet. We figured we'd take one last look at the palm trees...and there it was! The giraffe stag! We finally caught it!

And it was just about our regular game-off time, so we didn't even have to stay up late to do it, although we were fully prepared to do so. But we're very grateful that we didn't have to. Nevertheless, we did end up staying up late to do a few things around the island. We needed to plant some tea-olive bushes, and get Tom Nook to build our basement. And tomorrow we start a new month with new critters! I'm excited!

Today I'm thankful for catching a horned atlas, finally finally finally catching a giraffe stag (not that I have a particular affinity for giraffe stags, but that it was the one we knew about, so it was the object of our quest), catching the giraffe stag last of all the bugs that will be going away tomorrow (at least, we hope it was last, because it marked the end of our quest), also catching two hammerhead sharks to sell to C.J., and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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