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So yesterday, we were minding our business, checking Facebook and whatever, and we ran into a sponsored post. It went something like this:

Facebook: Do you like alpacas?
Us: No, not rea...

Us: They're my favoritest thing EVER!!!!

Oh my goodness, I can not get enough of these alpacas. (Deliberately made cannot into two words for added emphasis.) I mean, the alpaca craze started how long ago? And we were always kind of like, "I guess they're sort of cute, if you're into that kind of thing..." They even had Mamoru Miyano play the alpaca in Polar Bear's Cafe, so you know they had already risen to pop star status by then, especially considering the way Llama kept talking about alpacas. Actually, Polar Bear's Cafe's Llama (paired with our initial apathy towards alpacas in general) is a big part of why we just didn't even engage with alpacas before.

But then we saw this ad. And wow. You saw the video, right? They're the fluffiest things ever! I can't resist the fluffiness... And the sunglasses! Aaaaaaahhh! It's too much. Now whenever the link shows up on Facebook (which is frequent, because we keep clicking on it), I have to click on it! We probably would have ordered at least two by now, but we're trying to save money. But that's okay, because just looking at the pictures, and especially the videos where they shake the alpacas to show how fluffy they are, is a pretty big day brightener. So we had to share.

Today I'm thankful for having a relatively relaxing Saturday, dreams of one day buying some Inkari alpacas (they have a limited edition snow leopard one!), finding a lot of stuff at the grocery store to try out, catching a horned Hercules beetle in Animal Crossing (still missing the giraffe stag, and we're guessing one more, probably "horned" something), and getting to hear Soulful K.K. at the concert today.
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