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Kingdom Hearts♥♥♥!

So we got to GameStop before it opened, and waited for the lady to open up. As soon as she opens the door, we rush inside. It had streamers and glitter everywhere! Very festive! The lady (I say lady, but she's probably around our age) explained to us later that they got overzealous with the decorations because it was the store's first release of a big title. Since it was the same lady as yesterday, we said, "We're back!" And she said, "You are! But the UPS truck is late!" Curses!! Only, not curses, because I'm superstitious.

She said the UPS truck would be there by 10:30 at the very latest, and if we wanted she could stick something in the PS2 and we could play something while we waited. We talked to Mom, since we were already inconveniencing her, and since she lives nearby, she suggested going to her place so she could work. This worked out alright, because first, we got to eat their leftover breadsticks from Pizza Hut. Second, because we discovered that Athena's theory about people not really working as diligently as we're afraid we need to but haven't been, is true, as we caught Mom playing a computer game.

At 10:30, we called the store, and I asked if KHII was in yet, and she said to hold on, and I heard voices in the background, because apparently she was at that very moment talking to the UPS guy. She then put me on hold as she opened the box to see if it was the game and not the game guide, and came back and said it was the game, and it was all shiny and pretty. So we rushed back to the store and finally, Kingdom Hearts II was nearly ours.

Before we paid for it, she asked us if we wanted to pre-order anything else. We had to pass on Final Fantasy XII (we don't know if it'll actually come out before we go to Japan), and decided to think on Dirge of Cerberus (shooters...), but then she asked, probably just to make sure because it would be crazy otherwise, if we had preordered Advent Children yet. When we admitted that we hadn't, she looked very shocked, and told us we had to, because it's almost out. So now we have a reserved copy of Advent Children, which will be out just in time for our birthday!

And we got candy because we were her first customers!

And now Kingdom Hearts II is ours. We can finally play Kingdom Hearts again in a non-GBA format. In fact, our away message says that's what we're doing right now. I won't say anything about it right now, except that it's weird that Sora is taller than Goofy now. And that the voices are driving us crazy, because we like to be surprised about who all we'll be meeting as the game progresses, so we can't just look at the cast list in the instruction booklet.

Today, I'm very thankful for Kingdom Hearts II, nice video game store people, Pirates of the Caribbean cereal, caramel Reese's peanut butter cups, and Lagoon Engine.
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