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The hunt for the giraffe stag continues. We've been going to other islands, because we get the feeling rare bugs pop up more frequently away from our home island, and so far it's worked! ...But still no giraffe stag. That's actually a good thing, though, because we discovered another bug that won't be available come September! I don't remember if it was the goliath beetle or the cyclomattus stag...Athena tells me it was the cyclomattus stag. Anyway, the point is, we got two new bugs, and we're still searching. Once we get the giraffe stag, there's a good chance we'll stop the hunt, though, so hopefully we'll catch all the August-only ones before that happens... And in the meantime, we've been neglecting the fish, and we have no idea what we could be missing. Oh well.

Anyway! we also pre-ordered...or I guess it's call "pre-purchasing" now...Kingdom Hearts: Memory of Melody! Our Switch told us it was available, so we jumped onboard immediately! ...And then we were like, "Wait, this is the English version!" We think it will be okay, though, since it's a rhythm game. If the translation is too egregious, we'll track down a Japanese copy later. But the point is, a Kingdom Hearts rhythm game! This is so exciting!!

Today I'm thankful for catching two new bugs, getting to pre-purchase Memory of Melody, finishing our work quota without having to go overtime, having a fun simulpub chapter to work on, our office fan working, and Kingdom Hearts rhythm game!!
Tags: animal crossing, kingdom hearts memory of melody

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