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We're doing a lot better today than we were yesterday. We got enough cool air in our apartment last night to make things much more tolerable today...and it helps that we finished work early and were able to relax with the fan on for most of the afternoon. We do have a fan in our office, but we fell out of the habit of using it, partly because last year had fewer hot days and partly because it's broken. It's supposed to turn side to side, but one of the parts got broken off and now it remains stationary. At any rate, if things get too hot tomorrow, we will turn it on anyway.

In the meantime, because we finished work early, we had time to check out the new Wizards series that's part of the Trollhunters/Arcadia thing that Guillermo del Torro's doing. So far it's pretty okay, but the lack of Toby is a huge bummer. The characters are making a lot of stupid decisions, but the stupid decisions aren't portrayed as the only decision and there are a lot of other characters who are just as upset about those bad decisions as we are. I didn't much like Merlin in Trollhunters, and he's not any better in this series. What is it with smart people and their refusal to listen to anybody?

We're also on a quest to catch a giraffe stag in Animal Crossing. They'll only be around for a week longer and we still have not seen hide or hair of them...we think. It's possible we've accidentally scared off a few before we could get a good look at them. We spent a good two and a half hours trying to find one tonight...and we got a blue weevil beetle, which will also go away come September, and has us wondering just how many more critters we're missing out on due to seasonality. This is why games like Animal Crossing are dangerous for people with personalities like ours. Oh well. The quest goes on.

Today I'm thankful for catching a blue weevil beetle, the temperature being slightly lower in our apartment today (even though it was hotter outside), getting to check out Wizards, the six Italian cheese mix of shredded cheese we've been using to make mini-quesadillas, and finishing work early today.
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